A Concealed Passion

Feeling such passion in my life

Is what guides me along the way

A touch to my soul that's so tender

Protecting me from the sway

Crazy! That' s who I am

If I let you go out of sight

I keep holding on to your eyes

As my lead, my candle, my light

Words, words! That' s all I have

Yet not enough to open the shell

Release the lovely withheld pearl

Enchant me with its magic spell

Bound as I may seem

By the shackles of this dream

It fills my heart with fear

That fate wouldn' t let me uncover

A concealed passion that' s so dear

Tamer Hosny

The Mystery Of The Eyes

A murky night entirely surrounding me

A sudden light washes this darkness

The curtains veiling your eyes fall

I am not used to such brightness

Slowly I start to see and what a view!

Could this enchantment be you?

A wild mystery is what strikes me

I have a closer look to those eyes

What I discover is a deep warm sea

Powerfully invading my helpless soul

With its blue waters of mystery

Driving me to my inevitable destiny

An untamed feeling of warmth and tender

Swiftly uplifts my hopes to the sky

I try to grasp anything from under

That keeps me from drowning more

But it seems that it' s all in the air

Yet I wouldn' t rather be elsewhere

Tamer Hosny

What It Takes

A glimpse is what it takes

To be captured by your charm

A look is what it takes

To fall into your sparkling eyes

A touch is what it takes

To fly with you high in the sky

A word is what it takes

To hear the soft river flow

A smile is what it takes

To watch the shimmering of the sun

Your love is all it takes

To hold me back in heaven

Tamer Hosny